Some things you should know about Indian maids

The Middle East is rich with oil and it is also rich with Indian expats who’ve come here from the subcontinent hoping for better opportunities than back home. Here in Dubai, the Indian diaspora is the largest among any other places in UAE. They are a hard working bunch and they occupy several layers of society and thrive wherever they are. Among with Filipinos, Indians maids are among the most demanded workforce in the city. You can have them for hire as nannies or you can find them for hire from maid agencies. Here are some of the things that you should know about Indian maids.

Hard Working: They are among the hardest working people out there, who are able to give you their 100 per cent when working. As I’ve mentioned earlier, they have come here from afar seeking out better prospects, and this means that they are going to give their best shot possible because Indian maids often have families back at home waiting for them. They have plenty of skills and are good at multitasking as well.

Trustworthy: They are a very loyal and trustworthy bunch, who will give their all when it comes to doing their job. Once you’ve established a good rapport with them, you will be able to receive absolute loyalty and trust with them. They are good with cleaning, and also good at taking care of your children and elders as nannies and sitters where can put your entire trust upon them to do the necessary cleaning.

Communication: Indian maids are excellent at communication. They are quite well versed in English and will be able to communicate with you so that you can relay your instructions to them. They will do exactly as you ask, and will do it exactly the way you’d told them to. This type of communication is what makes Indian maids so good.

Careful: They are also very deft and careful when it comes to cleaning. They are perfectionists in a sense that they will want to clean every nook and corner and have the place looking as shiny as possible. This means that once they have done the cleaning, you will come back to an absolutely clean house or office.

Caring: They are generally very caring. When you have entrusted them to look after your children, they will give them love and affection just like a parent would. You will be able to get them to take care of elderly with tender care for they will treat like their mothers and fathers, and consider them part of their family.