How It Works

Find Your Location

Step one of the Pick Maid process is to identify the location where you are at the moment which will produce the nearest relative location where our maids are available.

Select a Maid

You can select the maids who have shown up on the screen and proceed towards booking

Select Shift

The next step is to select the timing of the shift of their visit towards your house or office

Booking Success

Once these simple steps have been taken, you can complete the booking successfully

About Pick Maid

Pick Maid is a venture into providing impeccable cleaning to residences and office spaces across Dubai. We are here to provide you holistic and comprehensive cleaning to those who really need it. We have an assortment of the bet cleaning professionals who have had extensive experience in the industry and training.

Our Services

We are able to provide a whole assortment of cleaning services and other complementary ones, all of which are carried out in earnestness with nothing less than perfection being the final goal of the effort made. We provide part-time maid service where each hour has a stipulated amount. Our services are carried out by professional maids and others who have been thoroughly vetted for their credentials and undergone strenuous training to become our recruits. They carry out services and materialize your vision of the perfect cleaning.