Company History

Pick Maid is a venture that started out as a concept for bringing about excellence in the minds of a few entrepreneurs with vast industry experience but observed the current lack of such an initiative from anyone else. This group of intrepid entrepreneurs took it upon themselves to create this venture themselves and armed with their experience in the industry and expertise in how the customer wanted the services to be, they created Pick Maid to bring about exceptional cleaning services for both residential spaces and commercial ones in Dubai.

The company is a relatively new, but has already been able to pool all the resources that are required for the creation of services that provides customers with the convenience while never compromising on the quality of the cleaning and the service being dispensed. Pick Maid has their branches in Doha, Qatar and Dubai, UAE and this multi-national model ensures that the company will feature the best of both worlds and will work towards bringing about exceptional cleaning to all residential households and commercial enterprises.