Privacy Policy

We regard your privacy as a priority and we have made sure that steps are taken to protect het confidential information that you are willing to provide to us. The privacy policy will be in a sense a mutual agreement between the two parties of the acquisition of information and with regard to its usage.

  • Before the information is collected, the specific reason for the collection will be made aware to you, so that you proceed with full awareness to the reasons why it is being collected
  • The information that you have provided will be used for the purposes that were agreed upon before the information was collected. Any other usage of the information will require us to ha require your consent of if the law entails.
  • The information that has been collected will only be in storage for the length that it was stipulated to be collected for.
  • The information that you have given should be authentic and related directly to the purpose for which it was collected.
  • The information that you’ve given to us will be stored safely and kept under tight security.

The right to change the clauses of our privacy policy is reserved with us and the updated version of the policy will be available online as soon as it is passed.