About Us

Pick Maid is a venture providing you with exceptional cleaning services for both residential spaces and commercial ones in Dubai, UAE.

We have recruited and assimilated leading facility management professionals who will facilitate the highest standard of cleaning across varying houses and offices. We have incorporated the tried and tested model which goes beyond other generic models and has expanded into other modes of providing services. Ours is a model where we are engaged in partnership with other business ventures in providing the resources in a mutually beneficially way and thus guaranteeing that there is always efficient cleaning rendered every time.

We are prepared to take on the growing demand for impeccable cleaning and facility management. Pick Maid Cleaning services are offering the total package of solutions such as Residential Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Maintenance Services, and Pest Control Services for clients in various industries and segments like Retail, Health Care, Hospitality, and Residential. We are striving towards becoming a leading provider of these services by emulating the success of our sister company and remaining firm in our efforts to fulfilling our core values which we have laid as the foundation of our success.

We envision ourselves being among the foremost providers of cleaning services and facility management across Dubai. Our success will depend on how much we can gauge from our clients and customers for we have built ourselves with a mechanism that revolves around the satisfaction of the customers. We have an excellent feedback system where we input the genuine feedback of the customer to make our services the best they can be. Our services and operation procedure is custom made for the clients and will be used for their benefit. We use the best practices, and render the most efficient cleaning service available while complying with all standards of quality.

Our Vision

To become among the foremost providers of cleaning services across myriad houses and commercial enterprises in Dubai

Our Mission

To provide everyone with impeccable cleaning and facility management while fulfilling everyone’s expectations


We enshrine ourselves with core values so that there is a strong foundation for our rise towards the top. We ensure that our customers are always the priority when we dispense our services, and thus we have framed our values so that we keep this fact always in our mind.


Our people are the source of our strength because, without their dedication and support, we will not see any of our services fulfilled at all. Mutual trust and respect is fostered among all our employees and the management.


This is what keeps us grounded and helps us endure through the trials and tribulations. We are earnestly committed towards the goal of getting our customers satisfied with perfect cleaning all around.


We know that in an ever-changing environment, it is important for everyone to progress by adopting the latest methods and complying with the newest standards and regulations. We have implemented a system where we regularly update our policies.