Terms and Conditions

Cleaning Services Agreement

  • We are here to provide you with the highest quality of cleaning and property management services. All our personnel are professional and properly trained in dispensing the services with equipment and products. Moreover, they are all of them insured and bonded.
  • Cleaning equipment will have to be provided by the customer. If that is not possible, then it is to be informed by you directly to the office or to those who are scheduled to clean. It is a guarantee that those who are there for the cleaning will not be moping about and wasting time and instead will concentrate on the job at hand.
  • We will arrive on the exact time that has been specified in the contract. However, should we encounter some unavoidable scenarios; we reserve the right to delay the service.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee complete satisfaction on all the jobs that we dispense. If you encounter something that does not satisfy you or was done haphazardly, you can contact our office in the immediate 24 hours and a new crew will be directed to make the necessary amends with no additional costs. This is a guarantee from us. Appointments and calls will only be scheduled during working hours. Only work that has been paid can be guaranteed.

Quality of Cleaning

We prioritise quality the most. Our professionals will always comply with the highest standards of quality, never compromising on even the smallest details. Our supervisors ensure that each staff performs their duties and complete their "Check List".


There is online payment complementing the online booking service. Otherwise, the fee has to be paid at the beginning when the terms of the contract are enforced and the cleaning begins. It can be paid via cash or check.

Fee Hike

Pickmaid reserves the right to increase the fee as per the circumstances that prevail in the market.


If you wish to cancel and reclaim the money, then it is to be done 36 hours before the scheduled cleaning. It is to be noted that we may not be able to accommodate a rescheduling request on a particular date or with the same cleaning team.


Services are not provided on official holidays such as Eid Al-Fitr, Eid Al-Ada and the National Day. If your cleaning day falls on that day, we will contact you one month in advance and arrange an alternate day for the cleaning. During these weeks our schedules will be hectic, therefore, it is requested that you contact us 6-8 weeks ahead to make the scheduling request.

Contract Termination

Either party can terminate the contract at any time after 2 weeks’ notice has been given prior to the intended date of the termination. If there are any due payments on either side, they are liable to be paid when the termination occurs.

Referral Programme

If you are able to refer our services to others, you will be able to enjoy free services from our side. Please contact our office to receive further details.