Maid Services in Qatar

Residential Cleaning

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Laundry & Ironing

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Steam Cleaning

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Upholstery Cleaning

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Office Cleaning

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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Services in Doha Qatar

We are here to provide you with comprehensive maid services. Our maids are of the highest pedigree, training and discipline. We have more than just quality maids though; we possess support staff, supervisors and managers who are all having immense experience in the hospitality industry and our whole team will be able to function holistically to get the cleaning done to perfection.

Doha is experiencing tremendous growth and a lot of the working people are not having enough time to manage all of their house activities and working life. Some of the offices and commercial enterprises are not having any cleaning section of their own, and therefore will be at a loss when mess accumulates.

When you need cleaning to happen to perfection and immaculately, then you will need no one else more to trust other than Pick Maids’ maids to come and do the cleaning job. There areseveral cleaning companies in Qatar, but only Pickmaids have the maids who will be able to give that all the immaculate cleaning service.

We have a commitment to delivering the highest quality of cleaning and maid services to all of our clients here in Doha whether they are in a villa or in an apartment; whether they are a small corner office or a corporate office. Our maid services make no prejudice and will apply their prowess wherever the cleaning is required.

Cleaning Companies in Qatar

We are operating to help residences and office in Qatar and not to loot them. We make our services available at affordable costs to everyone, so that anyone here in Doha or Qatar can hire us. This is what makes us separate from other cleaning companies in Qatar, we are made for you.

Our maids will come around to your home or office on time and get you to come and do the cleaning the way you want the cleaning to be done. You can relay your instructions right there on the spot, and our expert maids can translate your vision into reality by doing the cleaning on time and finally the location will look as good as new and just the way you wanted.

We are not only able to give you maid services for cleaning your houses; we are able to provide you with complementary services, services such as laundry and ironing, steam cleaning etc. that will aid to the regular cleaning that you can expect from our maid services.

Although we are technically cleaning companies in Doha, we are also able to give you babysitting services in Doha and Qatar. Similar to our process of getting maids, we have a thorough vetting process to select the babysitters as well. These babysitters would keep your children safe and nurture them when you are not able to.

Pickmaid in Doha is a venture to get cleaning done to perfection all across the Doha and Qatar. Our maid services are the core of our business and we aim to become the default choices for companies and houses all across the region.