Janitorial Services in Qatar

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Janitorial cleaning services are not the same as before and the image of the lone person coming to your establishment with a bucket and a mop trudging slowly while cleaning the floors is just a myth. Now janitorial services’ scope has expanded and encompasses a lot of new technology and cleaning methods. Cleaning companies who provide these services have had to adopt as well and hence Pick Maid have increased their resources that are used as part of janitorial services. You might not have the right amount of services.

Only the best janitors are selected

Pick Maid makes sure that only the best people are selected for the janitorial cleaning services as they undergo a very rigorous vetting process. The best janitors are then trained for the Pick Maid services’ janitorial cleaning services in Qatar. The janitors at Pickmaid services are among the best in Doha, because these janitors are of high pedigree and our service several advantages over others.

What our janitors can do for you

Pick maid possesses janitors who are vastly experienced in their cleaning and knowledge of the kind of environment that will require janitorial cleaning. Janitorial cleaning services unlike other type of cleaning services are aimed at institutions that need someone to clean their buildings and interiors. This won’t be as comprehensive as full office cleaning, nevertheless it will be precise and they will be exactly as you would’ve wanted.

  • We give our operations with a range of cleaning services not limited to the stereotypical floor wiping
  • A compendium of Sustainable and Innovative Solutions
  • We have assimilated brand new technology to our methods
  • There is created a clean and sound environment
  • Security of the Company is always our priority

Subscribing to Pick Maid’s janitorial cleaning service in Qatar will make it possible for you to do away with all the damages that you would incur as a result of accidents and injuries that happen to people on duty. Janitorial cleaning services in Qatar such as Pick Maid’s can help you maintain your establishment spotless and perfectly healthy and clean.

Office Cleaning

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Laundry & Ironing

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